The Walking Dead:- A larger world


The sixthteenth volume of the long and winding road of the Walking Dead series. See where it all began and collect the series of bumper issues to catch up. This book series has been very popular with fans across the world.

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Volume 16: A Larger World is the sixteenth volume of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead that includes the issues 91-96.

In this arc, Rick is hoping to restart a civilized and peaceful life inside the Alexandria Safe-Zone, but, his group realizes they’re not the only survivors out in the world. They encounter a new suvivor in the wastes named Paul Monroe, who says he is a recruiter for a group of possibly more than 200 people nearby called the Hilltop Colony. The colony appears to be even safer than Alexandria, but, the group soon learns that the people of the Hilltop Colony have some very dangerous enemies.

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