Moshi Monsters series 7:- Blister pack


Welcome to Moshi Monsters. A virtual world of monstrous proportions where kids can adopt their own pet monster. Monstro City provides and exciting platform for users to make friends, explore the world, solve puzzles and of course look after your new pet.

Moshling are little creatures that live in the wilds of the Moshi Monsters world. Players can capture them by planting seeds in their garden. If they get the correct combination of seeds to bloom a Moshling will be attracted to their garden.

How to create your Moshi. Adopt one of the six monsters, customize its colour scheme and then name it. Nurture it so that it is happy and healthy.

Have fun with your Moshi. Play a daily puzzle to earn Rox (in-game currency) and go shopping with the Rox you have earned. Communicate with your friends via their pin boards. Customise your monster and style its room.

Collect your favourite Moshling characters. Includes 5 different Moshlings and comes with a secret code for free Rox. Will it be a special Moshling? One supplied.

For Ages 4 years and over.

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The Moshies are back with series 7! Collect and swap your way to a full collection, each pack includes:-

  • 5 Moshi Monster collectable figures
  • Secret code
  • Will you get an Ultra Rare?
  • Collect them all


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