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Batman Forever – Arcade

Hello Retro Heads, welcome to Monday 20th July! 1st week of the school Summer holidays here in the UK! So what’s in store for today? Read on….

Batman Forever on the Arcade

So, another arcade based on a movie franchise, a sequel to Batman Returns ( not converted for Arcade play ), so it’s a bit of a jump from the Burton Batman based arcade beat em up. So is it any good?

Well, it’s…OK, I guess would be a fair comment. Acclaim take on the challenge of bringing Batman to the arcade in this outing, using digitised versions of Val Kilmer and Chris O’Donnell, which as you may have guessed are the 2 characters you have the choice of playing as portraying Batman and Robin respectively. The game can be played in either single or dual player co-op which is nice to see, but in all honesty something just doesn’t work here. You have a few abilities at your disposal such as punching, kicking and jumping to fight your way through Gotham. Along the way you can acquire upgrades such as Batarangs and other goodies. Power ups can be gained by walking over the power up icons that drop from the bad guys as you fight them, a combo system of sorts is present as you attack the enemy sprites allowing for massive combo hits of up to 150+ hits on a target. The game moves in a scrolling affair, but it doesn’t feel smooth unfortunately which can really detract from the game experience. There are plenty of mobs to kick the hell out of and once you collect enough power up icons you can perform a nuke type attack that will wipe out the screens quota of baddies that are present at the time. The screen playing field feels small and cramped compared to the size of the character sprites and gives it a claustrophobic feel to the experience which is a shame as I feel this could have been given much more attention to enhance the enjoyment of the game, it’s what I like to call a missed opportunity.

Graphics:- Acclaim have tried to bring a Mortal Kombat style graphic into a scrolling beat em up, which just doesn’t work very well at all. The animations are quirky and not very smooth, some aspects of the design seems to be too fast with no enjoyment to savour the impact punches of the SNES game Batman returns for a great example. A shame I think as animated sprites instead of digitised would have worked better I think.

Sound:- Again, not great in the sound department either, again, such a shame as the Batman universe has so much to steal from. Poor effort.

Overall:- If you are a die hard Bat fan and feel the need to play every game ever made on the caped crusader, then give this a try. It’s another case of a big movie license game that has just failed to deliver, but then, the movie wasn’t exactly brilliant either.

two star rating

Batman Forever Arcade

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