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Super Star Wars – SNES

Super Star Wars SNES

Just a quickie to tie in with the upcoming home release of The Force Awakens

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far far away…..The immortal words, and now an immortal game to accompany them. Super Star Wars on the SNES was an absolute must have for any Star Wars fan, going through the game was like plodding through the films various plots and scenes. Personally I think this game rocks, even today, playing through again was wicked, reliving the days of the SNES’s finest moments. First level sees Luke running through Tantoine while being attacked by wamprats and huge scorpions (I don’t remember those in the film)..Luke starts off with a blaster due to the fact you have to locate Ben Kenobi to aquire your trusty light sabre, first level is pretty neato, with a Salaac being your first end of level baddie to deal with, after you defeat that you take Lukes sand speeder and head towards the Sand Crawler in the distance..picking off Jawa’s as you go…now, it may just be me – but this level was frustrating, due to the fact you only have so much rocket power and the Jawas tend to bombard you with thermal detonators (I can’t remember the Jawas being so aggressive either)…once you pick off the required amount of Jawas, you head toward the Sand crawler. Now this is a frustrating level, timed jumps are the essence here or you will find yourself right back where you started from on the level – hair pulling at times, but cleverly coordinated, shame all the gun turrets spring back to life once you have disabled them (that is if you happen to fall down to the bottom of the sand crawler)…once you have rescued the Droids from the sand crawler, it’s off to see good ol’ Ben to pick up the light sabre, and on goes the game in that fashion, very good, but at times frustratingly hard! I move onto the sound of the game, what can I say, it’s great!..from the blaring theme tune when you start, to the blaster and light sabre noises throughout the game, one further level see’s Luke roaming around with TIE fighters flying around, and the sounds for them are spot on too…Music is spot on, with music from the film, going back to the Jawa level, you can hear the score they used in the film as you progress up the sand crawler, really adds to the whole experience. Graphically the game is sound, backdrops scroll nicely as you run around, if you look at the screen shot of the sand crawler, you can see the sand dunes in the background. I love this game and I hope that Lucas arts make the next one in the trilogy, if it can better this effort, then it’s definitely going to be worth a purchase…and if they don’t – then thats just plain wrong!….So is Super Star Wars an essential buy??, definitely…Can it be bettered??…Not by anything at the moment..we can but wait for the sequel to arrive..If you love the film, you’ll love the game, and I would encourage you to get this and give it a try.

SNES Super Star Wars

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