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Super Return of the Jedi – SNES

Jedi Title Screen

A hearty welcome to a new week and Happy Force Awakens Day! – To celebrate the release of this cracking movie, what better game to review, than the final installment of the Star Wars trilogy on the humble SNES.

Well, I half expected the last game to be a bit bum, but here I am, pleasantly surprised to see, it’s actually BETTER than the other two games…the frustrating difficulty of the other two has been taken down a shade and this on it’s own makes it a lot more user friendly. I have to say, the inclusion of force powers – ARE THERE!! YESSSS!!!!…if you ever fancied chucking your light sabre around the room, then now’s your chance, play as Luke and you get to perform a number of Force powers, such as…Saber throw, force heal and more!, absolute brilliance, and what was the other thing I mentioned, oooh yeah, change of character?…IT’s THERE TOO!!..Sweeeeet!, each level you are given a choice of who you want to play as this is only when you are on a level that gets you to walk around…So on your first level, you are on some sort of speeder, so you have to navigate over chasms and avoid rocks to get to your destination…When you reach your destination area, you are given the choice of characters…Luke – light saber, force powers and a blaster, Chewbacca, the Wookie with attitude armed with a bow caster, and finally, the ever so lovely Princess, with a rather crap weapon…In my opinion, Luke is always the best choice, especially with his coveted double jump!..Always comes in handy to reach those hard to reach places. Graphics are as always, stunning and really nice to look at, the backdrops in the first level shimmer with the heat, it looks really effective.

The detail on the characters appears to have gone up a notch since Empire, but that’s to be expected really..I am impressed with the presentation of this game..The sound is really nice too, but they always get the sound spot on anyway. The game yet again follows the plot of the film, although I don’t recall a speeder voyage to get to Jabba’s palace, still, it makes for good gaming….All the scenes are there, you can even play as Wicket the Ewok for great comedy value..Love this game, really love it, you get to fly the Falcon too!!!!…but it takes a time to get there, trust me – it will be a challenge to get to that part, but it’s worth it! :), to wind this review up, I really must insist you give this a try, for any avid Star Wars fan, this game is a must!!, for those looking for something a little different, then, give this a try…SUPERB!!!…Only flaw is that it strays a little off the film to add levels, but that’s forgivable!.


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