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Super Mario World – SNES

Title screen for Super Mario World

Hello and welcome to another Monday, where has the weekend gone? Well to start the week on a high, here’s a fantastic game from Nintendo, the game that everyone with a SNES should own or at least have played once in their lives..

Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo/Famicon

So, Bowser has been up to his old tricks and has put Dragon Land in his sights, it’s up to our intrepid duo to venture out and stop his evil spreading across the land.

You take control of Mario mainly, unless you engage in a 2 player turn based game, in which case Luigi comes into play too. Two player mode is a nice addition, if you remember the way the original 2 player mode worked when player one loses a life, player two would start his or her turn. The game is huge! this is one thing that you may not initially notice when you load up the game, but start clearing some of the early worlds and the map starts to extend with new path ways opening up to explore new areas. Along the way you will collect some nice power ups, from the standard mushrooms ( green for 1up and red to grow into Super Mario ), fire flowers and the new cape feather allowing you to glide for some distance. The cape is a welcome new addition and takes some time to master, but once you know how to use the cape to dive, catch air and soar back up, you can clear entire levels with it, not to mention it’s great fun and looks cool! Another addition to the game is Yoshi, a green dinosaur that once found in the game, provides you with a ride-able character. Yoshi can run, and use his long sticky tongue to grab an enemy and hold it in his mouth for a short duration. Depending on the colour of the shell he eats, Yoshi will perform a special power when you spit them out. Red for example emits a triple fire ball, yellow and blue shells also have special features which I won’t spoil here. This game has been made with a lot of love and this is evident from the get go, a lot of time and effort has gone into the way the world looks and sounds and the artwork is pure joy to look at. There are gate ways in the world zones this time around, which enable Mario to start from a specific point in the level if you happen to lose a life, which is great, no more back to the start running. Power blocks you notice around the world, especially in the lower levels have no content, they are see through, finding the power switch palace areas will spread them back into the world and they become solid once again, providing access to otherwise impossible to reach places. There are 4 switches in total, red, blue, green and yellow, yellow is the first you will encounter in the game. This is one Mario adventure that is just pure awesome from start to finish, with hidden features to find ( Star road anyone? ). The game scrolls left and right this time, so don’t worry if you miss anything, you can back track and go get it, you can also replay any levels once you have some of the bonus bits, like the blocks and the feather cape for example. One nice feature they have brought back is the ability for the Brothers to carry more than 1 item, once you have collected a Mushroom/feather etc and pick up another, it places it in the top of the screen in a box, if you should for example get hit by a bad guy and shrink down, but have a fire flower in your carry box, it will float down for you to collect and restore not only your larger self, but also the ability to use fire balls. A nice feature that helps in some of those harder stages.

Graphics:- Well what can I say other than FANTASTIC. This game set the benchmark for plat-formers, and not many could come close and raise the bar. A huge variety of enemy sprites all very well animated, Mario and Luigi look great and also animate very nicely. The backgrounds are simply amazing to look at, with colours bursting through, it’s like playing a cartoon more than anything. A Lot of love has obviously gone into creating this game graphically.

Sound:- Again, they smashed it right out of the ball park with this as well, with the catchy music you come to expect from a Mario title, with variations of the thene spread across the game, and when you finish playing, you certainly will continue to whistle and hum the theme tune. The in-game sounds are nice too, nothing here that really will make you want to switch off the console for fear of losing your sanity.

Overall:- This is a must have title if you own a SNES and don’t have it yet, can be picked up relatively cheap from online auctions as it’s so common. The learning curve is just right, and for those that like to unlock every single thing in a game, will keep you busy for a long long time. Get it, play it, love it.

five star rating

In game shot from Super Mario World

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