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Streetfighter – The Movie – Arcade

Streetfighter the movie game review

I decided to have a first play on a game that has a pretty bad reputation today, and then decided to share my experience with you…Prepare for Streetfighter – the movie on the Arcade!

As you can see from the title screen, this game takes 2 credits to start the game…2!!! now I could understand if it was a premium title, but premium this aint!

When you pop your credits in you are immediately given what sounds like a man being sick! ( Heuuuuurgh ) seriously, check it out…great start there then.

OK, so lets press player 1 start then…what do we see? 14 Fighters to choose from, ooooh OK then, not too shabby for the roster with familiar names like Ryu, Ken, Guile and the rest of the film cast all digitized and motion captured. So I choose Ryu, as he’s pretty much a good all rounder ( or at least has been from the classic series ). Game starts, it’s Ryu Vs Guile and away we go…I start by trying a couple of the classic moves such as the Hardoken fireball, it works, but looks awful, so I try the whirlwind kick…WTF??? since when does Ryu Scream out “I WANT TO KICK AN ADMIRAL” when he does this move? Now I am all for change and trying to do something different, but in this case it seems they wanted to take everything away from the classic SF II game. The Animation had me laughing so hard my screenshot button miss clicked and I got a rather odd capture of the whirlwind kick ( you can see this at the bottom of the review ). I backed up and watched in absolute hysterics as Ryu’s legs kept moving, but his upper body stayed completely motionless, very odd but highly amusing all the same. It’s such a shame because Mortal Kombat got this motion capture digital fighting down to a Tee! This is just laughable but for all the wrong reasons. Throws look awful, they just pick up and the characters go rigid, with what I can only asume is boredom. The backdrops were quite nice, but that’s all I could really say about the game in a graphical plus. I’m not sure what the developers were thinking by going to all the trouble of capturing all the actors from the film, only to have this joke of a game made, it’s like a giant hand ran across all of their faces at once and it just stinks of a cash in to me.

Graphics:- Well the digitized fighters look nice, when they are not moving, but the movements and fighting moves are all complete crud, it’s like stop motion rather than high tech fighting, by God, Primal Rage was better than this pile of cack!

Sound:- The speech is rubbish, with most of the battle crys coming out sounding really dull and bored, or just so funny that you can’t concentrate on the game any longer. The Music is just generic dull rubbish as well, I don’t know why they even put this out to the public.

Overall:- I don’t think this needs any further explanation, it’s crap, plain and simple. The only saving grace would be the 2 player mode, where you and a friend could just execute as many moves as possible to hear the comedy voice overs for them all. Other than that, stick with the FAR superior SF II the world warrior! Van Damme must have had a high pay packet for this game, otherwise he was SCREWED! Still, check out the amusing in game shot below which is meant to be the Whirlwind kick, looks more like lord of the dance.

Street Fighter the movie game shot

one star rating

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