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Starfox – SNES

Starfox loading screen

Hello and a good and healthy Monday to you all, I hope your Summer is going well folks. Today I am reviewing a staple part of any SNES owners diet….

Starfox on the Super Nintendo!

Plot…PLOT? oh go on then!

A mad scientist named Andross, now known as Emperor Andross, has fled to Planet Venom after being banished from Planet Corneria, and has now declared war on Corneria and unleashed an enormous army to wreak havoc on the Lylat system. General Pepper, the commanding officer of Corneria’s defense force, has decided to dispatch a prototype high-performance fighter aircraft called the “Arwing.” However, lacking in time to train pilots for the new fighters, he summons the elite mercenary team Star Fox to defeat Andross. Fox McCloud, the leader of the team, is accompanied by his team mates Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, and Slippy Toad.

There you go, nice and epic sounding. So we begin at the title screen giving an assortment of control options, something for everyone I can assure you. Upon starting the game you are introduced to the star map where you can select one of several paths to reach your destination. Once chosen the alert warnings go up and you see your team fly from the base and into the battle field. The game is a situated from behind your ship with the ability to boost speed, fire a bomb that does some pretty devastating damage to anything in it’s path, air brakes which slow you right down, fire cannons and barrel roll left or right. The control method for the game works very well indeed and manages to fit everything it needs to on each button of your control pad, all main features are on the face buttons, barrel rolls are performed by double tapping the shoulder buttons.

The main game is done in a 3D perspective, with vectors and polygons playing a huge role in the game. Smooth movement courtesy of an “on rails” system ( meaning you have no choice in the direction you take ) doubled with the added advantage of the thruster and reverse rockets system allowing you to a degree to slow down or speed up temporarily the action making it more unique than a lot of the on rails shooters you may have played before. During the action, you will sometimes see your team mates appear on the radio communication asking for you to get rid of their pursuer which you can choose to take care of or ignore which can result in loss of a team member. You get radio chatter from random team members during your game play, sometimes they are asking for help as mentioned, or celebrating a kill or bragging they will take the end of level boss down. Each level has a number of destructible items, from scenery to enemy ships and robots. Your ship has a damage system, which again unlike a lot of shooters that demand an instant death upon contact with scenery or enemy collision or gunfire, instead you have a shield meter that will gradually drain with each hit. This can be replenished by shooting the golden coloured enemies or finding power ups within the level.

Graphics:- A very different perspective that works very well indeed. Nice bright colourful graphics on the level design and the ships animate very well indeed, the barrel roll is a great fun animation that I found myself just using for the fun of it. The ship designs are very nicely done as well with a good measure of imagination gone into the enemy ship and robot designs too.

Sound:- Epic music that puts you in the mood to blast some bad guys with an in-game sound bank that’s full of fantastic blasts, explosions and much more than I can squeeze into the review. A top effort in both sound and above graphics.

Overall:- If you own a SNES and have not played Starfox, have you been living in a cave??? This is a staple part of any SNES owner dietary requirements. It really is a game that will appeal to a wide audience with a learning curve to suit most play styles. I highly recommend that you get a hold of this game and play the hell out of it. Superb!

five star ratingIn game screen Starfox

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