R2-Q5 Droid


R2-Q5, a droid in placed in the services of the Emperor himself! Glossy black finish with a special edition coin included in the package make this statue a must have for any Star Wars fan. Attention to detail is incredible with the classic R2 look. Comes complete with magnetic stand and multiple ways of displaying this awesome classic character.

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R2-Q5 is an astromech droid owned by, and in service to, the Galactic Empire.

Like most astromech droids, it was well-equipped with tools for repairing starships, but R2-Q5, in whose memory banks were many of the Emperor’s plans against the Rebel Alliance, had secret upgrades including hidden spy devices and weaponry hidden beneath his panels. R2-Q5 was also responsible for programming hyperspace co-ordinates on Emperor Palpatine’s personal shuttle during covert missions.

Under service to Emperor Palpatine the astromech droid known as R2-Q5 played an integral role in thwarting the plans of the Rebel Alliance on numerous occasions. Now you too can add this R2 unit to the ranks of your Galactic Empire ARTFX+ statue collection!

Standing nearly 4 inches tall in 1/10 scale, R2-Q5 can be displayed either upright or inclined on the included magnetic base.

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