Moonling Bats Plush


Collectable series of plush bat creatures with big sparkle eyes that draw you in. Can you give these cute collectables a new home?

Please see main image to see how each colour combination looks and select your chosen combination from the drop down menu.

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From a galaxy not too far away, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the Moonlings. A collection of bright coloured big haired crazy space creatures, the first animals to reach us on earth are Moonling Bat & Moonling Lemur.


  • High pile poseable hair
  • Sparkle Eyes
  • Cute beanie body
  • Suitable for children one year and over
  • Hand-washable

Additional information

Weight 0.21 kg

Yellow & Pink, Red & Yellow, Blue & Green, Pink & Purple, Magenta & Blue, Black & Purple


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