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Shinobi – Arcade

SEGA Shinobi title screen

Hello Retro heads, and welcome to a new week of Retro goodness. I hope you all had a great weekend and are fully relaxed and ready for a new week of GAMING! Today is the turn of the arcade classic, in the form of…..

Shinobi on the Arcade! – A classic amongst the arcade goers, a superb little game from the giants of the industry…Sega.

So the plot you ask?…oh go on then, says I…You control a Ninja by the name of Joe Musashi ( A traditional Japanese name ) who is out to retrieve the kidnapped children of his clan, taken by the evil “Zeed” organisation.

The game is split over 5 stages, with each stage consisting of 3-4 sub levels and a boss fight. At your disposal you have, throwing stars which later gets upgraded to an Uzi looking weapon ( how Ninja like – Ed ), a sword which you auto use when in close range combat with a mob, or a low kick, again in close range, usually crouched down. The levels are side scrolling with the option to jump up to higher levels or behind scenery. This adds a little variety to the game. After some levels you enter a mini game, the most remembered will more than likely be the throwing stars mini game where you are from a 1st person perspective as Ninjas come pouring in across 3 levels, jumping closer and closer to you, which you must stop to complete. The boss fights are quite clever and vary in difficulty, the first boss for example has to be hit in the face, which requires timing, which sounds easy…but when he’s throwing fire balls at you the entire fight, is’nt so easy. Sprites and animation are nicely drawn and you actually see a good amount of variant on the enemy mobs too, from punks and gunners in stage 1, to wall crawling and later shadow ninja’s and the big guys holding the kids hostage that throw their Scimitars at you in an attempt to stop you rescuing them! You also get a magic attack, which you get once per level which deals massive damage to anyone on screen at the time, useful to save for boss fights!

Graphics on the game are nice, easy to identify mobs, no colour clashing or too bright/dark colours. Nice level designs as well, and boss art is very nice to check out, not much I can say negative with graphics at all really…thats a good thing!

Sound wise the game is very well put together as well, from music in the game to the game sounds *Chink* from blocked Shuriken hits against shields…*HOOOYAAAAH* from magic use. The only negative I could find with the sound really was the *HUH* noise each time you jump, but that’s such a minor niggle, it’s not really worth mentioning…but I did…

SEGA Shinobi In game


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