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Rampage – Arcade

Rampage Title Screen

Hey Retro Review fans, after the sad news of David Bowie passing away, I thought I would try and lighten the mood with this little belter. So what little gem of retro goodness do I bring to you on this grey Monday morning?

Rampage on the Arcade

Oh, now this brought back a flood of memories, I used to play this game on the ZX Spectrum for hours at a time! Strange to think that modern games don’t hold the same interest, apart from the giant MMO that is World of Warcraft that is. This game shows how you can have a simplistic plot but the most fun game play AND it’s multi-player with up to 3 of you bashing away….OK, so that sounded ruder than I intended it to…but you pure minded folks know exactly what I was talking about…..right?…RIGHT?  oh OK then. The game has you playing one of 3 Mutated monsters ( Once human but experimented on by the lovely named Scumlabs ). George the King Kong type gorilla character, Lizzy the well, Lizard and Ralph the giant Werewolf ( my personal favorite ). The game has such a simple formula, which is to raze the city to the ground using any method you choose that is at your disposal. All 3 monsters have the same move sets, which is to be able to climb the sides of each building and punch forwards, behind, up and down depending on situation, also you have the ability to jump which can in turn damage buildings too. The buildings take a certain amount of punishment before they crack, crumble and fall to the ground in a pile of rubble. As you are smashing your way through the buildings you will be able to grab items that either replenish your health or knock it off ( poison bottles will sap health, while a cup of tea will replenish it ). Humans are also resident in these buildings and can be grabbed and eaten as well, this isn’t as bad as it sounds as most of these are soldiers that are trying to shoot you or blow you up. The game has a lovely sense of humour as well, which adds to it’s already bold charm, eat something bad for example and your monster will throw up. Damage to your character will deplete your health bar, with numerous things that can hurt you, it keeps you on your toes. Helicopters, tanks, dynamite, gun fire and more that can give you something to think about. As you take more and more damage your character will physically show it on screen, looking at you with a look of despair on their faces as their health drops to dangerously low levels. Upon “dying” your character shrinks back to their human forms and as they are now naked perform a sheepish sideways step off the screen, amusing enough to kill your character on purpose to see at least once. Difficulty of the game grows steadily harder as you progress, and the learning curve is set just right as far as I am concerned, a new player could pick up this game and give it a real good go and get fairly into it before it becomes more tricky and tactical play comes in. Pretty good for all ages too, when I played this I must have been around 10 years old, I am now 36 and still enjoy it as much as I did all those years ago.

Graphics:- Ahhhh great cartoon graphics here, nice bold colours and the animations are great fun to see too, backdrops are done well with the focus being on the buildings you need to smash. A lot of small touches to see will be present over time, like the little people waving to be saved, only to be munched on by your chosen monster, and much more besides which you will have to play to see!

Sound:- Well, there’s not much to report here, with no music involved the game is a little on the quiet side, but quite honestly that doesn’t detract from Rampage that much. The sound effects are present but not overwhelming, shame as they could have beefed it up a bit. Still, it’s not awful either.

Overall:- Well, if you fancy playing some iconic movie monsters and smash buildings down with 2 of your mates, grab some time on this game, even the home conversions had the multi-player aspect so see if you can grab one of those if you can’t play the Arcade version. A great fun little game that can waste an hour or two!

four star rating

Rampage Screen Shot

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