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Outrun – Arcade

Arcade title screen - Outrun

Hello and a very wet welcome to Monday 5th October! So we’re kicking the week off with an absolute Arcade classic from Sega..

Outrun – Arcade

There is no plot to speak of, you simply have to get from point A to point B,C,D via a number of split road choices. The game starts with you selecting your music choice the game will play as you zoom your way down traffic packed roads to your destination points. So the game is a from behind view of your Ferrari, with your girl friend tucked in beside you enjoying the ride. You have 2 gears to select during your ride, high and low, which decide on how much control you have when rounding corners, which can be a time saver as too much speed on corners will have your car turning somersaults after hitting a hut, billboard or tree. As the race is set on an actual road you will encounter traffic too, which can be weaved in and out of, this also was dependant on which dip switch the board was set to in the arcade, more traffic meant higher frustration levels as getting stuck behind a lorry was commonplace. As a racing game, it’s strange to not have any opponents to be racing against, just a clock that ticks down and can only be replenished by reaching the infamous fork in the road choice. This comes up during certain times in your drive, select a fork to travel down and from what I could tell affects the difficulty of the next road you will go down. Multiple routes to the finish line are one of the big replay values of the game, each new zone you encounter will change the scenery as you drive, starting off in the beach soaked zone, depending on where you go next could be lush green fields or a rocky desert terrain. The game is one of those stand out Sega moments for me, and if you ask anyone what their memories of Arcade racers were, Outrun should be amongst the answer they give you. As soon as that iconic music starts playing, you get in the zone and the memories come flooding back. It has a decent enough level curve to not leave you highly frustrated, again this can depend on the dip switch setting, with some of them set to expire just after the fork is reached, making for a faultless drive to reach the timer before it ticks down to a GAME OVER.

Graphics:- The graphics are nice and bright, colourful and nicely detailed, from the smooth scenery scrolling to the car movement. A very good job by Sega on this game, and with the car becoming one of the most iconic objects in retro gaming history, top job!

Sound:- The tyres screech when cornering, the music blaring away while driving makes for a superb game experience. The main title track which you all have no doubt heard at some point in your life gets you humming along and for a while after playing the game. Good standards of sound here! Good job!

Overall:- Well it’s worth finding this game and pumping in some coins, even if it’s just to see the reaction of your Girl after getting ejected from the car after hitting a bit of scenery, good quality arcade FUN! – Get it, play it, love it.

five star rating

Outrun in game screen shot

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