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Hero Quest 2:- Legacy of Sorasil – Commodore Amiga

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Hello Retro Heads, it’s the start of another week which can only mean one thing! What do we have today?

It’s a sequel to last weeks review…

Heroquest II:- Legacy of Sorasil on the Commodore Amiga.

Well from the lovely intro of the original Heroquest game there is very little to go on in this one. A Castle erupts from the ground, and that’s about it. Not much to gather here for a plot line, perhaps castles exploding out of the ground are worth investigating…so lets go do that. Come on team!

Your team is made up of between 1-4 players, you can control all 4 if you wish, the usual set up is Barbarian, Dwarf, Sorcerer and Elf. Each of these classes has a unique ability over the others, such as the Sorcerer is the master of magic which the Barbarian is a little slow on and prefers to slice and dice his enemy with his broadsword, the Elf can wield both sword and magic once he picks up scrolls that contain spells, and the Dwarf can search and disable traps more efficiently than the rest. The game opens up on the outside of the dungeons this time, giving you a chance to wander around the courtyard and do battle with a few measly skeleton mobs before heading inside to the main level. Once inside the game opens up into the familiar set up of rooms and corridors, with traps, hidden doors and treasure to be found along the way. Traps….oh my God do they like their hidden traps in this game, I actually lost 2 of my team to traps laid one after the other after the other, which was a little annoying. There’s not much that has changed from the original title either which is disappointing to say the least, the standard mechanics of fight, open doors, search for treasure/traps/hidden doors is all still there. The one thing that is new is that you are able to do multiple fights this time around, so for example…I find a room with my Barbarian, he has 12 movements to use, I wander about for 5 of those and find 2 skeletons, I fight and kill one, turn to the next and fight him too, and then can use whatever movement points I have left, I like this feature a lot as it gives much more freedom in choice this time round. Enemies are randomly placed around the maps and will take their turn once you have had yours, more often than not will make a beeline for your characters and start wailing away on them, you will encounter skeletons, zombies and ghosts in your first dungeon, so it’s nice that there’s a variety. The dungeons themselves are pretty vast, giving a good time to learn and discover where traps are placed for your next time going in, as it’s unlikely that unless you are very lucky you will complete a dungeon first time around. Another thing that is missing and I guess it’s more to do with the fact this is not a board game conversion more an extension of the first is the lack of dungeon selection. With the first game you could select from an extensive list of dungeons and get stuck in, this one is more story driven I suppose, not sure it works as well as the board game feel of the first.

Graphics:- More of the same really, nothing has changed to note which is a bit of a disappointment as I feel a newer game should feel new, not just rehash old content. It’s a great shame because the level designs are great and feel like a dungeon in the Heroquest world should feel.

Sound:- Music is lovely as you would expect from a game in the Heroquest franchise, unless I missed something there was no in-game sounds at all, just the music track which I thought detracted from the game, no screams as you polish off your enemy, lack lustre, which is a great shame.

Overall:- If you enjoyed the first game, you will surely enjoy this outing from Gremlin, but it does have elements missing that made the first one so enjoyable. It’s a shame because this game could have wiped the floor with the original had they updated it sufficiently, and considering this came on 3 disks not 1 like the first Heroquest game, there’s no excuse for being lazy.

Hero Quest 2

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