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First Samurai – Commodore Amiga

First Samurai loading screen

First Samurai from Image Works!

After witnessing his Master’s death and his entire village at the hands of an Evil Wizard ( poor Wizards, get such a bad rep! ) and barely surviving himself, the young warrior enlists the help of the Gods and the Wizard is sent hurtling into the future. This isn’t enough for our young hero and he follows the murdering bastard to the 21st century hell bent on revenge and probably a little bit of mindless slaughter along the way….

And so the game begins…

You start the game by emerging from a spirit vessel and starting your journey to find and exact revenge on said evil Wizardy bad guy, the first thing that strikes you is how damn gorgeous this game is! From the copper backdrops to the silky smooth scrolling as your character who is also amazingly animated and very well drawn fights his way with Sword and karate kicks through the landscape. I had this game back in the day when it was first released and I don’t think I appreciated it as much as when I fired it back up to write this review, it’s just a stunning game from start to finish. Bad guys come in the forms of boggled eyed bats and crows in the first level and you can vanquish them with your array of moves. What I loved about the combat is it’s so easy to master, hold down the fire button and move your joy stick in any direction to get a full range of motion from the karate kick, to over head sword cuts, it’s simply a fantastic gaming experience that you really shouldn’t miss. If you have played this game before, I recommend you give it another outing, it’s pure nostalgic pleasure to pop this game in and play it after all these years!

Graphics:- Amazing, simply…amazing! High visual detail in each level design and the main character animations are fantastic to watch, the sword swing is lovely the scrolling is brilliantly realized, just pure gold!

Sound:- Again the sound quality is amazing, from pick ups giving the “Hallelujah” sound sample to “Oh No, My Sword” when you lose your weapon. The Music is lovely too with a great bass line that fits the game so well.

Overall:- If you have not played this game then it’s a bucket list type of game, you really need to have a play, especially if you are a platforming fan, First Samurai oozes class from start to finish and even spawned a sequel – Load it, play it, love it!

five star rating

First Samurai Amiga game screen

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