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Double Dragon III:- Arcade

Arcade Double Dragon 3 Title Screen

Welcome to another Monday, wet here in the UK right now, which kinda reflects todays review….do I hear the drums of doom?….

Double Dragon 3:- The Rosetta Stone on the Arcade

Plot then? oh alright then…

The plot of Double Dragon 3 is explained on the game’s attract sequence: while returning to their home from a training trip, Billy and Jimmy Lee cross paths with a fortune teller named Hiruko. The fortune teller cryptically tells the brothers that they must collect the three “Rosetta Stones” scattered around the world in order to face a mysterious new adversary awaiting them in Egypt

So thats it really, 3rd in the Double Dragon series, but unfortuantley the fire has well and truly gone out with this outing.

Upon entering the game you take control of Billy or Jimmy on the streets of America, yes that’s really precise. Anyway, the control system has reverted back to the original Double Dragon game with a Punch, Jump and Kick system in place. New features are basically a shop….that you can….oh dear God help me….insert more coins into the machine to buy new items, characters, power ups and tricks, MORE COINS!!!! that stinks of greed to me, no in-game currency at all, just…your own hard earned cash. So that’s the first of many faults I can see straight away, what else I hear you cry?…well the animation for another, is just mind numbingly BAD. Jerky horrible movement, jerky side scrolling just spoils this game so much. The character and enemy sprites just look badly drawn which is a shame as the past 2 game outings have been pretty nice to look at as you play. It’s like they took everything that made the first 2 Double Dragon games great, took them out, threw them in a blender and tried to re-insert it into this game, but it hasn’t worked at all in the games favour. Just the jerky animations spoiled it for me, considering Final Fight was released a year earlier than this and is in every way superior to Double Dragon 3. As a Double Dragon fan this game slapped me across the face as a final insult to what was a very good game series. The game is spread across several zones, including America, China, Japan, Italy, and Egypt and each stage has enemies that correspond to that setting, which I have to admit is a saving grace for the game. There are at least three additional character types in addition to the default one that the player starts the game with such as the Urquidez brothers, the Chin brothers, and the Oyama brothers. Nice to have the variety but to have to pump extra coins into the machine really lets that down as well. ( Interesting to note that the Japanese version of the game doesn’t have the shop in the game and unlocks all the bonus’s for you as standard! ).

Graphics:- Oh dear, what happened? from the nice well drawn sprites of the first games, this really does look like a big pile of poop. Animations are lazy which result in a massive jerk fest from start to finish. Such a shame as this could have finished the series so well, but instead, it craps all over it’s legacy.

Sound:- Again, a let down, just no atmosphere to the music at all and in-game sound is utter pants. Sorry to say but this game has a very low standard throughout.

Overall:- If you are a Double Dragon fan, AVOID this one or your experience will be tarnished. It’s like the evil step sister that likes to play nasty tricks on her older brothers! Avoid like the plague, I hold no responsibility if you decide to play this…I have to as I am a reviewer, I have an excuse.

one star rating

In game screen shot from Double Dragon 3

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