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Double Dragon II:- Arcade

Arcade Double Dragon 2 loader

Hello and a little late for me today, but here we are.  Today’s trip down memory lane is the sequel to the daddy of the beat em’ ups…

Double Dragon II:- The Revenge on the arcade!

Plot goes that Marian has been gunned down in cold blood by the leader of the Black Warriors, and Billy and Jimmy Lee are tasked to avenge her death over a number of levels. Short but sweet, that’s how we like it!

As the game opens you witness the gunning down of Marian, shortly after the garage door slides open and out you step, ready to kick the shampoo right out of the evil doers hair!

The first thing you notice is the graphic upgrade the game has undergone, a really nice crisp looking game now. Character sprites are well detailed and have some nice new animations from the last outing. Old characters have been given the make over treatment, repackaged and given shiny new moves along with our two heroes. The other thing that you will notice straight away is the combat controls are slightly different now too, with punch and kick assigned to their own directions, so if you are standing facing the right hand side, the 3rd button will punch in that direction, if you hit the other attack button you will execute a rear kick. A nice jumping spinning kick has also been added, timing needs to be perfect to execute this manoeuvre and best used in a surrounded situation as it knocks all surrounding bad guys on their butts. Weapons have had a make over as well, ranging from Whips, throwing knives, grenades, shovels and more. Also returning for this outing is the Co-Op 2 player mode, which brings in a friend to assist you in getting revenge, as that’s what the game is all about, and as you know, games score higher stars for including a good solid two player fun fest. The game is no doubt fun with it’s variety of mobs and bosses to clobber, I found the game to be slightly more unforgiving in terms of difficulty, but you know what? if a game is too easy, there is no challenge to it, right? Everything is done very well in this game, but the slow down is still evident when multiple enemies and objects appear on the screen together, I would have thought that would have been able to have been eradicated as it’s a newer game than the predecessor, but I guess we can’t have pretty graphics, smooth scrolling and all the extras without some small issues.

Graphics:- As I said, pretty much everything has been given an overhaul from sprites to back drops to weapons and even the animations have been polished up for the sequel, a great deal of effort has obviously gone into this game to make it look and feel slightly better than the original Double Dragon, I feel they have achieved this, so well done Dev team!

Sound:- Again, the rocking tunes are back to assist your adrenaline to pump through your veins, with a nice selection of different tunes as you progress through the game. A good job, well done!

Overall:- If you are hankering after some more Double Dragon, then look no further than this game, all the fun of the original, ramped up and served with your Sunday best!…you know what comes next….Get it, play it, love it!

five star rating

In game shot from Double Dragon II


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