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Comic Strip Review:- Random Battles

Random Battles Comic title

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another Comic strip review. What do I have on offer today? A relatively new comic from Author and creator JD Benefield.

I have to say I really look forward to when my Twitter starts notifying me of comic writers wanting me to review their work. And BOOM, here comes another. So much talent out there, and this one is no exception to the rule. I love big bold characters in comics, characters you can identify with and get attatched to – if this happens to you as a reader then the author is doing their job correctly. The comic itself is done on a page by page basis and released periodically, which is great to keep you wanting more from when you finish reading the last pane. Although this comic is only up to 49 issues as I write this, it has huge potential to be one to watch.

The art work in this comic strip is great, all done in black and white and some fantastic shading, really brings back the classic look and feel of the comics of days gone by. Big bold characters stand out and are drawn in such a way that colour really isn’t needed to punch through the readers attention barriers. Characters are quirky but memorable and there’s some great banter between them going through the pages.

Each page contains the next part to the story and currently at chapter 3 and issue 49, the attention to detail in each pane is superb from city scapes to jewellery on characters hands etc. There is obviously a lot of thought that goes into each story panel, and the story telling is brilliantly done. There are some great laugh out loud moments and I think you will enjoy starting the journey and heading through getting to know the characters and how they fit into the story. A wild guess here, but I THINK there’s a nod to TMNT within the first few pages ( Bebop? ) look out for that.

Just to finish up, I highly recommend that you give this comic strip a read and save it to your bookmarks as there is plenty to come from this author.

You can check out the comic strip for yourself by clicking here ( a new window will open for you to see the website )

four star rating

Random Battles comic example

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