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Comic Strip Review:- Ramen Empire

Ramen Empire Review

It’s not everyday you see a comic strip style comic series that can make you randomly burst out into a fit of laughter, which I am happy to report this comic series has a habit of doing. I managed to get this review in a response to my Twitter shout out to comic book creators to have their work reviewed here and hope I can help get work noticed on this thing we call the world wide web.

So I started at the start of the series as one does, and I really could’nt help laughing within the first couple of strips I read. The humour is great and the best part it sneaks up on you when you least expect it. I think for me it works on so many levels, as at certain times you question if you really should be laughing at it, and I think that’s a great testament to the script writers to be able to provoke that kind of response. What’s it all about then? – well this is directly from the web series own web site, and I think they say it better than I can.

“Ramen Empire is about college students who make movies at Alexandria University, with a touch of the fantastic and supernatural sprinkled on top. It’s main characters are a Chinese exchange student, a woman rebelling from her super-Christian father, and a cadre of wanna-be film makers.

Right now, the cast is shooting a film called “Afterglow.” Once they’re done with that, they’ll move onto the next project.”

So yes, there you have it, quirky characters that are done in a fantastic art style which I really enjoy. Big bold characters with larger than life personalities tell a story through each frame and leaves you wanting to hit that next button to see what they are up to in the next adventure. I really like that there are jokes that carry on through the comic strips as well, I won’t spoil any for you, but there sure is continuity here and those are the little gems that will make you chortle snort when you least expect it.

As I said the art work is lovely, easy on the eye and the scenes have just the right amount of activity going on so you are not constantly searching for where the story is going and no fear of getting lost withing a babble of over activity which can happen a lot where an artist feels he/she has to pump out as much as possible into one single frame. The characters are fantastic and you can relate to their situations and done in a way that you find you start to find you get attached to them.

I really recommend that you all have a read of this comic strip, it really is a hoot and will brighten your day by simply putting a smile on your face. This is one to watch! Check it out over at Ramen Empire’s Website
four star rating

Ramen Empire demo page

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