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Comic Book Review:- Virtua-Girl

Virtua-Girl One shot cover

Greetings Comic fans!

I have a bit of a treat for you today, I am reviewing a nice little one shot story submitted by Dann. Follow him on Twitter I have had a lot of fun reading this comic book as it has hit home to so many of my own life experiences and I am sure if you are a gamer, it will ring a lot of bells with you as well.

First thing I will mention is the imagery. A very unique style of art is used in this comic book and it really pops at you as you read through the story. Each panel is filled with great colours and it’s very easy on the eye and each tells a story in your mind, which is the mark of a great story teller.

Virtua-Girl story example

As you can see from the above grab, the colours are very well put together without blasting you with too much vibrance. All the text bubbles are easy to read and placed very neatly within the frames of the book. The story is very well written as well, which I better give you an idea about eh?

SO we have all been there, we play a game that sucks us into it’s virtual world and we lose ourselves completley, become someone else, each character we play becomes an extension of our inner selves. Wether it’s an Orc Warrior rampaging over the plains hunting his next kill, or a super hero flying in to save the day, in some way or another when we invest time into a character it becomes immersive to us. This is where this story comes in and strikes that oh so familiar chord with us, the reader.

When a virtual console is created, the creator just has to have one last thrill ride before it’s released to the masses, masses of children as well as adults. But as she plays and gets addicted to the power the virtual world gives, she senses that there’s a problem. The struggle to do what’s right or carry on within the virtual world is a very real struggle, and I think this is where the fine line between reality and virtual reality really kicks in. From a personal point of view I think the writer has hit the nail on the head with game addiction, and it will ring true to so many people out there, maybe even make them realise they ARE addicted to games and need to find that safety switch that brings them back to reality.

Over all this comic book was a joy to read and I am looking forward to seeing what comes next from this author. This comic will be available to buy from DGC in the very near future.

five star rating

Virtua-Girl example pages

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