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Captain America & the Avengers

Hello Retro heads, and welcome to a new week of Retro goodness. I hope you all had a great weekend and are fully relaxed and ready for a new week of GAMING! Today is the turn of the NES console with a game that ties in neatly with a certain movie doing the rounds at the Cinema right now…I present to you…

Captain America and the Avengers on the NES!

OK, so it’s not going to have anything to do with the movie, apart from the characters in the game itself, but hey, it’s a sort of tie in right? You’d like the plot? Oh alright then, I am sure I can sort that out for you.

Your mission is to save The Vision and Iron Man from Mandarin, then hunt down and defeat the Red Skull.

Yes, it really is that complex. Still, the game itself is actually good fun, playing the role of either Captain America or Hawkeye ( yes, sadly these are the only choices you get to pick from ) each with their own attack move. Captain America has his shield which you can throw at a fair distance and returns to your hand automatically, a jump kick and also a shield slam from the air. Hawkeye has similar moves but has arrows, weaker than Captain America’s attack for some reason but still fun to play none the less. The first thing that strikes you about this game are the sprites, nice, bold, colourful and pretty large and no clipping or flickering that I could make out during the game play. Enemy sprites will appear with various colour schemes and attacks as well to mix things up. Some will stand there and fire guns at you, or others will fly about the screen firing heat seeking rockets at you, all adds up to a good solid challenge. To complete a level you must shoot the red objects that are scattered throughout the level that drop random objects until you find what is required to end the level and move to the exit. The game is a side scrolling platform game, with a slight puzzle element to it, which is nice as it forces you to engage your brain and time things just right. The difficulty is a little on the easy side, but the harder parts are made up of the timing of jumps and working out how to get to the next section of the game. It’s a pretty good attempt for the NES  and I am really quite impressed with the quality of the design over all, maybe slightly easy for the more dedicated gamer but will provide a satisfying challenge to  the less initiated and younger fans.

Graphics:- The game shines here, really solid sprites, full of colour and the animations are very well thought out here. Running around throwing Captain America’s shield at enemies never gets old and you find yourself doing it for the hell of it most of the time. A really solid effort here, impressed.

Sound:- Run of the mill music for a NES, and in-game sound is acceptable but not fantastic, I can let that slide due to the well built gaming experience, but still. The music saves it a little, it reminds me of the way the team behind Batman did theirs and that’s no bad thing either.

Overall:- If you like the Avengers, then give this game a whirl, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed once you start playing it. As I said, maybe too easy for the hardcore gamer, but for the rest of us, it’s a keeper.

four star rating

Captain America and the Avengers NEX

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