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Bubble Bobble – SEGA Master System

Master System Bubble Bobble title screen

Happy Monday folks, hope you had a great weekend. Going back to a classic today and on a classic system too.

Bubble Bobble on the SEGA Master System.

Well lets kick off and start this by saying this game is by far one of those titles that sticks in your mind when you hear the words “Bubble Bobble” but has the Master System done it any justice?

In a word – YES! it has, which I am greatly relieved about as this game really can do no wrong.  Lets start off with the general presentation of the game shall we? – I am fairly impressed to be honest, it’s not often an arcade game of this caliber gets a conversion that does it justice, I mean even the humble Spectrum did a great job of this game right? Well upon loading this game on the MS you get a great nostalgia kick on the title screen with the classic Bubble Bobble logo ( see above ). Hit that start button and away we go! Well first impressions are good, nice little pre-game ditty with the classic dragons in the bubbles ready to go. Then into the game itself, and boy is this shaping up to be good too, instant recognition of the dragons themselves ( I always liked them better as dragons – Daenerys Targaryen ). Level design is also spot on, so great job on this conversion, I’m actually having fun blasting those bad guys into bubbles and bursting them for epic lootz! Bright and colourful, the graphics really do pop out at you, which is great to see. The humble MS doesn’t get enough good credit for some of it’s game conversions, but if you are a Bubble Bobble fan, you are in for a treat! Animations are also very nice too, with the bubble blowing dragon dudes jumping and blowing bubbles all over the place it’s smooth and doesn’t cause slow down either, which is great to see. Another great feature, which if you have read my other reviews, you will know I am a great advocate of, is 2 player co-op play has been included too, so you can grab a friend and blast your way to the end boss too!

Graphics:- Well as stated, nice and smooth animations, nice bright sprites and level design bring you right into the arcade experience with this superb conversion.

Sound:- The iconic tune from the arcade is present and correct, jump noise and bubble noises have also been crammed in, it’s just pure nostalgia, and it’s great!

Overall:- With it’s password level saves, which is a great feature ( shame there was no cart save option ), but this is only a minor gripe when compared with the glossy finish this game has, and for the MS to produce the quality of the arcade is in a word – Awesome!

four star rating

Bubble Bobble Master System Screenshot

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