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Bomb Jack – ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum Bomb Jack

Happy Monday Retro fans!

Today I am going to reviewing an absolute classic game, and it is non other than:-

Bomb Jack on the ZX Spectrum!

So as you can see , the intro screen is lovely and colourful with the title character displayed in his own logo, which is nice. The screen swaps from options to high scores. Upon selecting your preferred control device and amount of players, away you go.

Upon entering the game you are presented with a single game screen, with bombs scattered around it with your character appearing in the middle. The idea of the game is to collect all the bombs on screen before the patrolling bad guys can get their claws into you. Bad guys come in a variety of flavours, from space men to strange alien creatures while all the time you are pursued relentlessly by a bird like creature who will try and intercept you at every corner, which will prove challenging at the later stages of the game.

Now I said the aim of the game was to collect all the bombs on screen, BUT if you collect them in a particular order ( denoted by the fuse wire flashing ) then the bonus points you can get hold of get rather impressive. Now this is a great little bonus objective for you to have a go at completing, and it proves challenging even in the lower levels due to the badsters patrolling around on the platforms that may contain your flashing bomb! Life is made a little easier at intervals from a Power Pill floating around the screen which will turn enemies into smiley faces and can be collected for bonus points.

I have to say for a Spectrum game, the pace is nice and fast with very little slow down, shame there was no 128k port as music is highly lacking here, even on the intro screen. But you do get the in game sounds when leaping up and hovering around. Speaking of hovering around, by clicking the fire button on your selected control method, your character will flap his cape and slow down his descent allowing you to be able to have a better escape route from the patrols, clever feature!

Graphics:- I like the graphics for this game, they are simplistic but do the job, nice backgrounds per level and the main character animates well too, kinda has a Superman feel when leaping around the screen. Colours are well used too and nothing feels like it’s misplaced or not used to full effect.

Sound:- The sound is minimal however as it’s only 48k you can’t really hold that against the game, you get enough to be getting on with but it’s there which is the main thing. The jumping sounds and collection sounds are all in place and work well, pretty good effort really.

Overall:- Well this game cements itself into the classics hall of fame, loved it as a kid, love it now, great little game and it’s 2 player ( turn taking ) which allows for you to compete against friends to get a higher score which can be loads of fun. The Speccy does it justice enough and it’s highly addictive so you will always be coming back for more!

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